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The Lake District


The beauty of Lake Windermere is in its serene waters. Located within England's Northwestern border with Scotland, this natural lake was formed after the last ice age when blocks off glaciers broke into it creating centers or hollows that would later become ponds and streams flowing down from their source until they meet at one place - where now you'll find some of the best 4 Star Hotels In the Lake District surrounded by this very beautiful scenery!

The Ro Hotel windermere.png

The Ro Hotel

Welcome to the Ro Hotel, a modern and stylish hotel in central Cumbria that has been named after our famous bear mascot. We are just off Ulverston Road on Lake Windermere where you can enjoy walking or birdwatching as well as many other activities including fishing for pike thanks to its high waters!

The Elleray.png

The Elleray

The Elleray is a warm, inviting pub where you can enjoy traditional British food and drink. The staff are friendly but not overbearing - we've kept that genuine bar feel with modern twists! Our quiz night starts every month at 7pm so grab your friends for some fun entertainment or come in on Tuesday when there's an open mic session starting up too (weather permitting).

St John's Lodge windermere.png

St John's Lodge

One of the most luxurious, and exclusive properties in Cumbria. This stunning country house hotel provides guests with an unforgettable experience that you are sure to love!
A destination for discerning travelers who enjoy a high standard accommodation without compromise on comfort or luxury - St Johns Lodge offers 4 star service throughout its generously-sized accommodations

Lindeth Howe Hotel windermere.png

Lindeth Howe Hotel

When you arrive at this luxurious 4-star hotel, it feels like a home away from your everyday life. With scenic views and perfect privacy for those who want some peace in their travels, there's no better place to lay back after an adventurous day than with a hot bath by candlelight dinner overlooking Windermere Lake on one side while watching snow fall over Cumbria Mountains' skyline from another

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