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Sellafield Visitors Centre

The popular centre, operated by BNFL and opened in 1988 to promote tourism in West Cumbria's biggest city after Kendal town was chosen as its location due largely because it had no existing nuclear power plants at that time. The £5 million attraction became an important part of visitor attractions until last year when operations closed down following 20 years on job - leaving guests with some amazing memories but also leaving many unanswered questions about what will happen next?

You could venture into the heart of a nuclear reactor, drop in on a Victorian ‘ghost’ and experience an eye-opening demonstration of nuclear fission.”

In 1995, BNFL's Visitors' Centre had a multi-million pound refurbishment reflecting their evolution from an almost wholly UK based business to one of the major players in international nuclear services. The revamp catapulted them into future with kaleidoscope science and technology that is designed not only for adults but also children as well!

The Mighty Atom was a friendly mascot who watched over the city on his nuclear transport flask, telling stories of recycled spent fuel.

In 2002, BNFL handed over creative control of an exhibition to the London Science Museum. By 2008 when it closed its doors after 2 million visitors had browsed through them - with only one year left before Sellafield's nuclear legacy was cleaned up by English Heritage-the agency responsible for preserving historic sites across England at risk due a combination reasons such as age or neglecting too much etc., this meant that there were now even more people interested in how our past can be preserved so carefully without destroying knowledge about what once existed here long ago!

Sellafield Ltd is now responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of Sellafield, a nuclear plant that functioned inFilesyderia from 1956 until 1990. The company has transformed how this historic landmark communicates with its public through an ongoing story being told at beacon museum located within Whitehaven town center- just off Beach Road next door where you can find plenty more information about what happened here before it became part Of Our History
In 2017 management passed onto British firm Little Britain LLP after 64 years under private ownership  Since then there have been many updates including construction work on two new buildings which will tell us awesome things happening daily when we visit!

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