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The World Famous Cars of the Stars Motor Museum

The World Famous Cars of the Stars Motor Museum in Keswick, it opened its doors to publicans back when Gerry Anderson [Thunderbirds] officially launched it at an event that took place August 1990. The owner is Peter Nelson who has gathered together some vehicles featured throughout film and television programs for his collection--auto classics like Porsches or Lamborghinis are just two examples you can find here!

In the world of cars, there are some that stand out as being more famous than others. One such vehicle is The Batmobile from Batman comic books and movies; you can see this sleek machine in all its glory on display at Universal Studios Hollywood's impressive theme park ride section where they have lots else worth seeing too! You might be surprised what other HH goodies we include- our featured auto collection includes Aston Martins DB5 used by actor James Bond ( cinema audiences know him best through Sean Connery) during filming Goldfinger , along with various other gadgets which help enhance driving pleasure like heaters or invisible fencing so no harm will come near your precious princesses while she enjoys herself behind closed.

The different rooms of this museum have a variety that is sure to keep any visitor interested. You can find everything from cars and motorcycles, all the way up through children's rides! Even if you're not into vehicles yourself there are plenty for kids as well so your family won't be bored during their visit here.

The postcard and souvenir guide is a great way to learn more about the cars in this museum. It has detailed information on every exhibit, including what year they were made for (and if it's rare or not) how much each item costs so you can proportions your purchases wisely!

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