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What makes a quality 4 star hotel or accommodation stand out?

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

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The Lake District is probably one of the best places in England where you can go to get away from the hustle and bustle, relax and have a good time. The Lake district has everything that makes it perfect for families or couples looking to get somewhere quiet yet interesting.

The Lake District offers all types of accommodations including luxury hotels, bed & breakfasts, guest houses etc. When choosing your Lake District hotel you will want to make sure that it provides you with what you need during your stay - this could include food service, free parking , Internet access etc. Also look at how 'dog friendly' the place is...if you are travelling with your dog then you will need to make sure that the accommodation welcomes dogs.

If you are looking for luxury during your stay at one of the Lake District hotels, there are many to choose from such as Briery Wood Country House Hotel which is a 4 star hotel. As far as amenities go, it has everything that one could want including free parking , free wi fi access etc. This Lake District hotel prides itself on being 'pet friendly' too so if you are travelling with your pet do not worry. The rooms are quite luxurious and very spacious - some even have balconies facing onto Ullswater lake . For those who suffer from allergies there are hypoalergenic pillows available upon request!

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Also worth mentioning is that this dog friendly 4 star hotel offers all day dining with both a balcony and conservatory - so if you are travelling during warmer weather you can enjoy breakfast outside. If you are not the most social of people, there is also a small library in which to escape to.

If you are looking for a more budget friendly hotel in the Lake District, take a look at Burnside Bed and Breakfast. This is another 4 star hotel which has large family rooms that sleep 5 people - perfect if you are travelling with the kids or just enjoying a romantic weekend away with your other half. It also offers free internet access and parking , so you do not have to worry about paying further charges when considering price! The farm house itself has been converted into very spacious rooms which provide all of the basic amenities needed. They also offer two separate cottages,should you require more privacy...

The holiday accommodation within The Lake District caters for everyone's needs including those who travel with pets . Plus there is plenty for children to do in the area so if you are thinking of taking your family on holiday to the Lake District do not hesitate to contact one of the many hotels or lodges available.

If you are considering a Lake District holiday, make sure that the accommodation is both warm and inviting. It does not always have to be 5 star - choose what you can afford but also check for things like local amenities, car parking , free internet access etc.

Here are some quality dog-friendly hotels:

  1. Ambleside Townhouse: Ambleside Townhouse is a welcoming and dog-friendly hotel located in the heart of Ambleside, Lake District. With comfortable rooms and a central location, it's an excellent base for exploring the town and surrounding areas with your furry friend.

  2. Alston House Hotel: Alston House Hotel is a charming dog-friendly accommodation situated in Alston, a historic market town in Cumbria. The hotel provides a warm and friendly atmosphere, ensuring a pleasant stay for both guests and their dogs.

  3. Ferndale Lodge: Ferndale Lodge is a cozy and pet-friendly hotel that offers a homely experience for visitors and their four-legged companions. Located amidst beautiful surroundings, it provides opportunities for delightful walks with your dog.

  4. Michaelson House Hotel: Michaelson House Hotel is a quality dog-friendly hotel that takes pride in welcoming pets. Guests can enjoy a comfortable stay and explore the nearby attractions, knowing that their dogs are also well-catered for.

  5. Westmorland Cottage: Westmorland Cottage is a pet-friendly accommodation that provides a cozy and comfortable stay for visitors and their dogs. The cottage setting offers a relaxing retreat amidst the natural beauty of the Lake District.

  6. Marys Cottage: Marys Cottage is a delightful dog-friendly accommodation that ensures a pleasant stay for guests and their pets. Located in a picturesque setting, it offers a peaceful escape with your furry friend.

  7. Denton House: Denton House is a quality dog-friendly hotel where guests and their dogs are made to feel at home. Situated in a charming location, it's a wonderful place to enjoy the Lake District with your canine companion.

When planning your stay, always double-check the specific pet policies and any additional charges related to bringing your dog. Different hotels may have varying rules and offerings for pets. Enjoy your time exploring the Lake District with your beloved four-legged friend!

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